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About us: Expresscarentals is a complete on line car rental company that actively searches over 450 car hire suppliers worldwide to help bring you the best car hire rates available. We are an on line car rental broker that has over 30 years combined travel knowledge to aid us in our goal of bringing you the most complete on line car hire broker service there is.

Our Mission: To be an effective and alternative solution to the car rental industry that has been dominated for so many years by the 'big boys'. We have pride and passion in our work ethic, are very customer focused, friendly, knowledgeable and passionate to succeed. We have over 30 years of combined travel knowledge worldwide and this has seen us travel the world gaining valuable knowledge that we can use in our continued efforts to provide the ultimate car hire travel experience to our customers.

What we do: Every day we search the car hire market to make sure we stay competitive and keep our rates low. We continually train ourselves to be the best we can be by making sure we maintain our knowledge of our market area. We continually travel worldwide to review different countries and car hire locations to gain a valuable insight into what is available where, what to see and do, we then input the data we collect into our company website and the pursuit of excellence for our customers.

Family values: As we are a family run business, our approach to our work and our customers is treated with the upmost care and attention to detail. We approach each and every customer as though they are a family memeber, we strive to be approachable whilst also maintaining a professional image. We are a fun company that approaches business in a fun way, we try to ensure that all our customers feel special by maintaining a core family value in everything we do. If you become a fan on our facebook page, you will see photos of expresscarentals employees on holiday sharing their photos with our fans, this is the core of our family values. We also have a twitter page where our customers can keep upto date with any news or offers that we may have.


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